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NPM: windows-build-tools

node-gyp is really useful and annoying. fails if Python 2.7 and a C# Compiler is missing. You could use to get and install the missing…

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How to install Windows 10

Preparation You need a USB-Drive with a minimum 3GB free space. Installation Files Microsoft has released a download tool for Windows 1…


Maximum Memory by Windows Services Configuration (BlackViper Settings)

There are a lot of tips and tricks on how to optimize your system memory. One of the main ways to get the most out of your system is to…


Windows: Password Recovery

Sometimes you run into the problem that someone has forgotten their password for their home PC. As a good friend you are going to help them…


Windows 8.1: Boot to Desktop

Windows 8.1 finally gives you the option to boot directly to the desktop (without the need for a 3rd party program). You can enable this…


Windows 7: Quick and optimized install (Update)

Let’s speed up my original installation by using a powershell script instead of manually configuring windows. 1. Install 1.1 Win 7 SP…


Windows 7: Quick and Optimized Install

Currently I did not find the time to create a fully integrated automated Windows 7 Installation Disk. Here are my notes on how I would set…


Windows: Remove Security Warning Message from Downloaded Files

So you know what you are doing and have Antivirus installed, are not downloading crap and hate useless security warnings nobody cares about…


Windows: Add Support for Camera Raw Files

In order to preview Camera Raw files in your explorer you need to install two packages: Microsoft Camera Codec Pack Adobe DNG The “Microsoft…