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Complete Guide to Set up Visual Studio Code (Updated January 2022)

This is a guide to my current VSCode setup. Currently I am primarily working with TypeScript and ReactJS. Last updated: January 2022 Look…

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VSCode TypeScript debugging

The VS Code debugger is pretty awesome. You can learn more about it in the official guide. If you want to debug typescript it does not work…


Code Metrics - A red flag for overly complex code

When you are writing code your main focus should be solving the problem at hand - creating code that works. However this is only a very…


Snapshots with Polacode

Polacode makes beautiful images of your code. The snapshot will use your current vscode theme and fonts. You can get it from the VSCode…


Setting up TypeScript and Jest

We will take a quick look at how to set up a project using TypeScript and Jest. By adding Jest to the project from the beginning this should…


Getting started with MOBX 5 and TypeScript 3, React 16.6

When looking around for example applications that use Mobx 5.x combined with Mobx-react 5.x and TypeScript 3.x I did not find any useful…


Setting up a dev environment to learn TypeScript

TypeScript is basically JavaScript with types. When writing your code you must define the types of your variables and optionally the returns…