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Rise of the MOOCs

Rise of the MOOCs

Providing Online Courses has become a new trend. On the existing platforms,, you now can find courses from many different scientific fields.

New Course Providers

There are a couple of new course provides:

Other Websites


Codeacademy takes a unique approach to teach you how to code. The lessons are delivered in a sidebar and you must code a functioning program to continue the lesson. If you are stuck, the program guides you and gives you helpful hints on how to solve the problem.

Mooc List

A search engine for open online courses:


Kindof like a social network for people that like to learn with MOOCs.


A search engine, that lists the free courses as well as paid online courses.

Developments to watch for in 2014

edX is creating a new platform to enable any institution to publish their own MOOC type course.

XSeries (

The XSeries is a collection of courses, that grant you a special certificate if you complete the entire coursework.